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DataMover is a data manipulation utility, part of the Open Access development tools. DataMover has a useful "AutoRun" facility, allowing the user to perform any one of 44 different "data actions" in a predefined sequence.

AutoRun screen image

The runtime version supplied here requires Access97 or the Access97 ZIP format compressed fileruntime program (9772k). See the download page for details.

You can download the Microsoft Word DocumentDataMover User Manual from this site, provided you don't break the copyright of these documents. You can ZIP format compressed filedownload version 1.80.08 of DataMover Runtime (zipped, 4333k) and use it on your PC, provided that you don't try to sell it, either on its own or as part of a collection of software.

Please note: This program is not to be sold, and will remain freeware in the future. You can't make it available for download anywhere else either. All downloads should be made from this page only. You may not list this software elsewhere without written permission.


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