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Hard Drives fill up with junk. We often don't know where it comes from, and it's a pain to get rid of. Programs like Microsoft SQL Server promise to remove old backups as part of the maintenance plan, but don't always get it right. Employees put a whole load of junk on the file server and never bother to delete their old files. The list goes on.

Hunter-Killer was originally developed for the Sowetan newspaper about a decade ago, when a method was needed to remove old stories from journalists directories. That was a DOS-based version. This one is written in Visual Basic, and can be used in a batch file or interactively. Clicking the "Scan" button does NOT delete or change anything. The user has to run killer.bat to do this. See later for more dangerous options.

Hunter Killer results screen

To run this in a batch file, first set up the parameters required by running the program interactively. Thereafter, you can call the program to scan for files from a batch file. Put the word "scan" as a parameter after the program name:

c:\Program Files\HunterKiller\Hunter.exe scan
rem ---- Run a backup, then -----
call Killer.bat
Make a backup of the data before calling the Killer.bat batch file created by hunter.exe.

If you want to live dangeously, you can automate the whole process by using the "killer" command line option:

c:\Program Files\HunterKiller\Hunter.exe killer
BUT you must use the setup screen to decide what to scan and delete first. Once you have tested it a few times then you can try the "killer" option.

Here is an example of the setup screen:

Hunter Killer results screen
You can add directories by hand or by selecting them using the "Dir" button on the right. You can choose to scan subdirectories by checking the "scan sub-folders" option, and you can also remove empty directories by checking the "Delete empty folders" option.

You can ZIP format compressed filedownload version 1.0030 of Hunter-Killer (1520k installer EXE) and use it on your PC, provided that you don't try to sell it, either on its own or as part of a collection of software. If you are willing to sign a Adobe Acrobat Portable Documentnon-disclosure agreement you can have the Encrypted ZIP Filefull source code as well.

Installation is fairly basic: copy the file into the directory where the batch file needs it, and double-click on Hunter.exe to set up the Hunter.ini file that matches the location of Hunter.exe

Please note: This program is not to be sold, and will remain freeware in the future. You can't make it available for download anywhere else either. All downloads should be made from this page only. You may not list this software elsewhere without written permission. All links should point to this page, not directly to the download file.



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