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Over the years I have seen many different solutions for sending emails from within Microsoft Access. The most usable one was based on Microsoft Outlook, but unless you have Outlook 2002 installed, as well as the Outlook Redemption library, it's not worth the trouble.

Then I found the vbSendMail.dll, and thought my problems would be over. Almost. Firstly, you need to be able to connect to an SMTP server whenever you send mail. This is fine for an office network or a broadband connection, but not great when you use a dial-up. (You could try installing a mail server on your PC, but it's not easy to set up).

The biggest problem with the DLL is that while it works brilliantly in VB6, you can't connect to it from Access97. So I tweaked it to work as an OCX, and created an Access 97 file to do testing.

Send Mail Testing Form

When you click on the "Send" button you get to see the progress of the mail being sent, and if there were any errors, they will be displayed. Another addition is that you can request a read receipt from the person the message was sent to.

Please visit the vbSendMail.dll Version 3.65 web page, and download the original VB source code and user manual to find out how to use all the many features of the code. You'll be surprised how easy it is to use, and there is a full working example in the supplied Access database.

You can ZIP format compressed filedownload the full install of MyMail Version 3.65 build 5 (zipped, 1436k) and use it on your PC, provided that you don't try to sell it, either on its own or as part of a collection of software. You can't make it available for download anywhere else either. If you are willing to sign a Adobe Acrobat Portable Documentnon-disclosure agreement you can have the ZIP Encrypted Filefull source code as well.

Installation is fairly basic: run the setup program and install to c:\Program Files\MyMail. Then use the vbSendMailTester.mdb program (Access97) to set up the parameters needed for testing. To use the OCX in your own program, just add a reference to MyMail in the code.

Please note: This program is not to be sold, and will remain freeware in the future. You can't make it available for download anywhere else either. All downloads should be made from this page only. You may not list this software elsewhere without written permission. All links should point to this page, not directly to the download file.


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