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Send and Receive SMS Messages

SMSQSMSQ is a freeware software application that allows you to send and receive SMS messages from an Access database. It uses an ActiveX DLL library to interface with your GSM modem, and reads the messages in a table. The messages have a send date, and once the date and time is reached, the program sends the message. It also checks for reply messages and places these in the table for follow-up.

SMS Modem Setup Screen

This is the modem setup and testing screen. Use it to configure and test the GSM modem, and set all the required parameters. You can also send manual test messages from here.

SMSQ Monitor Screen

This is the main (monitoring) screen. It displays the number of messages in each queue, as well as the overall status of the system. It also has a button for database maintenance, where old messages can be deleted and the data file is repaired and compacted.

The database file contains a "Queue" table with the following fields:

MessageId - Long - Primary Key
MsgDate   - Date
CellNo    - Text 20
Message   - Text 160
FolderId  - Long
DelayDate - Date
SentDate  - Date
ErrorMsg  - Text 255
The values of FolderId are constants, as follows:
Const gintOUTBOX As Integer = 10
Const gintINBOX As Integer = 20
Const gintSENT As Integer = 50
Const gintERRORS As Integer = 60
Const gintCONTROL As Integer = -1
The program relies on all workstations keeping accurate time. You can use DSClock for this purpose, or any other accurate time method. You create a record in the "Queue" table and specify the send time. The send queue runs approximately 3 seconds behind the actual time, to give the workstation a chance to close the message record before SMSQ opens it for sending. A check is done every 5 seconds or so, and if the sending queue contains messages they will be sent as often as possible until all messages are sent. The actual send time is noted in a separate field, and if any errors occur during sending these are noted in the record and the message is placed in an "Errors" queue.

When you add a message to the "Queue" table, the "MessageId" value must be unique, using the Extended Serial Number table called "zsnMessageId". Increment the value in the "zsn" and then use the incremented value. If you don't update the ESN table, the incoming messages will take longer to process or may replace a message in the Outbox queue. There is complete support for SMSQ tables in the Miami library 1.83.10 or higher.

SMSQ.exe accepts a DELAY parameter to specify the number of seconds to wait when loading before trying to connect to the modem or database. This is provided to allow SMSQ to load on startup but give the modem enough time to initialise, if required. ("SMSQ.exe DELAY=60")

SMSQ.exe accepts a NOTIFY parameter to specify the phone number to notify whenever the program is loaded. This is useful when you need to monitor whether operators are restarting the program. ("SMSQ.exe NOTIFY=0805551234"). A similar parameter, BOOT, creates a message to say that the PC has just rebooted. These options are used by the installer for version 1.117 upwards, by asking for the notification number and then creating shortcuts accordingly.

There is also a small command-line utility called SMSsend.exe that accepts two parameters: the first is the number of the phone to whom the message is sent, the second is a short message. The program appends the current date and time to this short message and places it in the outbox. ("SMSsend 0876543210 backup completed"). You can also use SMSsend to get the program to quit ("SMSsend quit") or run the maintenance function ("SMSsend maintenance").

Two new features were added with version 1.0068: when you open the Setup Modem window, normal SMS procesing is suspended; and a new window has been added to show the complete text of the most recent message. There is also a button in the Setup screen that allows for "monitoring messages" to be sent at regular intervals. Use this if your GSM service is intermittent or the modem is misbehaving in some way. There is also a "FORCE" option to force the modem to try to send messages, even if it is reporting that it doesn't support SMS sending. Use this only if absolutely necessary.

Now you can specify a start and end time for SMS sending, to avoid making customers unhappy. This is particularly useful when sending bulk announcements that take a long time to go out. The program also does a rough prediction on how long it will take to send all the messages, so you can see if any problems are developing.

Version 1.0100 has been upgraded to use Logiccode GSM SMS ActiveX Dll v3.2. If you are upgrading it is recommended that you run a full install. The program was recently tested on a Duxbury GSM Modem and works fine provided the SIM Card is set to not require a PIN number.

Version 1.0118 now adds more international support. There is an interntional dial code setting, and a local one. All numbers, particularly incoming, that begin with the international code are replaced with the local code, so +27876543210 becomes 0876543210 if the interntional code is set to +27 and the local code is set to 0. There is also a setting for the minimum length of a mobile number.

Version 1.0122 provides improved startup and boot messages, as well as more error checking on monitoring messages.

Version 1.0184 adds the ability to log incoming messages in a daily text file, and other stability improvements.

Version 1.0185 adds an Access97 client that can put individual or bulk messages into the queue.

Use the Install ProgramFull installer for this additional stuff (34,390kb)

You can Install Programdownload SMSQ version 1.0224 basic installer (3,041kb) and use it on your PC, provided that you don't try to sell it, either on its own or as part of a collection of software. If you are willing to sign a Adobe Acrobat Portable Documentnon-disclosure agreement you can have the WinZip Encrypted Filesource code as well. You will then need to purchase your own US$124 license from Logiccode Software in order to develop your own version of the application.

Please note: SMSQ is not to be sold, and will remain freeware in the future. You can't make it available for download anywhere else either. The installation requires Install ProgramMDAC 2.81 if you are using Windows 98, NT, or 2000. This is not needed on Windows XP because the built-in version of MDAC works correctly anyway. This program has been tested on Windows 98, Windows XP and Windows 7 with Access97, and on Windows XP using Access 2002. SMSQ program icon by Benno Meyer with thanks. SMSQ is not to be confused with or the SMSQ/E operating system

Please note: This program is not to be sold, and will remain freeware in the future. You can't make it available for download anywhere else either. All downloads should be made from this page only. You may not list this software elsewhere without written permission. All links should point to this page, not directly to the download file.

Warning: I have had major problems with getting the program to work on Windows 8.1. No idea why yet., the Internet Resource for SMS and MMS products

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