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Here is a quick list of the free programs you can download from this site:

You may use them without registration or payment, provided that you don't sell them or make them available for download from elsewhere. Please contact the author (see details below) if there are any support issues or suggestions.

See also the downloads page for Miami and related downloads.



All the Programs I Use Regularly

There are so many programs out there, the choices become mind-boggling. Here are the programs installed on my PC that I regularly use and mostly like:

Programs I'm Really Glad I Bought

Every now and then I buy a program that works so well I want to tell others about it.

Recommended Free or Shareware Stuff

There are some indispensable tools that I'd like to recommend, and that I use. All of them are free unless otherwise noted:

*These can be downloaded from your nearest TUCOWS web site as well. Ask your ISP for the best one to connect to.

You can also find Removal Instructions for Sony's XCP-Aurora DRM/Rootkit rubbish that infected one of my computers. Thank you Sony and First4Internet for destabilising my machine without my consent!


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