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Authentication Code Generator

The user runs a registration program something like this:
Screen image

The information is e-mailed to the seller, who runs a program like this:
Screen image

The card information is only stored in encrypted form in the e-mail and briefly while the Authentication codes are generated, so even if the seller's machine is hacked, no decrypted credit card information is on the hard drive, unless the seller has kept a separate record of it.

A support module is available for Microsoft Access97 programs, which tests to see if the program has an authentication code or not. It can also be used to encrypt and decrypt data fields in the database, with 128 bit security. Provided the program is distributed as an MDE file, end-users will not be able to decrypt the data, or even run the program.

Note: the actual screen layouts have changed, as further facilities have been added and improved.

Let the Buyer beware: No program is hacker-proof. It may be possible to reverse-engineer the program and create a "keygen" program to create bogus keys, or to "crack" the application to bypass the copy protection. There are zillions of copy protection systems out there, and some are easier to "crack" than others. No warranty is made to the degree of difficulty or otherwhise that a cracker might encounter to revese-engineer this program. Most people pay for their software. All this attempts to do is to stop wholesale copying of a program that is offered for sale. Dishonest people steal - crackers assist dishonest people to steal. Sometimes people who use cracked software end up paying for the next version of the software. If you don't mind wading through all the port adverts, try the Astalavista or Cracks web sites to look for cracks, key generators and other murky software.

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