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Open Access Development System (Oasis) is a database development and management tool, based on technologies developed for Access and SQL Server databases, and Visual Basic and Access front ends.

Consider the usefulness of a program that will:

  1. Determine and analyse the structure of your database and store this information in its own database.
  2. Allow you to find inconsistencies in the data structure, and manipulate fields and tables.
  3. Keep track of all your reports, queries, triggers, views and stored procedures.
  4. Allow you to deploy the database applications in stages, and modify and upsize the structure as required.
  5. Determine the input and editing screens/forms that will be required, based on the data structure.
  6. Create those screens for you, and keep track of changes made to their layout
  7. Have a method whereby you can modify the behaviour of those screens by changing data in a system table, rather than having to hard-code the user security and access levels
  8. Create either an Access front-end or a VB front-end, depending on the client's requirements and licensing policies
  9. Enables you to keep all your database project information in one database, and use it to create "boilerplate" code snippets, database structure listings, SQL scripts, Access data structures, and other useful items, in a consistent, readable and usable format
This, in a nutshell, is what Oasis will be offering. It is currently under development, and will be offering a beta developer program on request. Please contact Donn Edwards for further details. At present the technology is being tested on some complex database structures, including Access databases with over 100 tables and 1000 fields, making the management tools and utilities essential for the sanity of the developer and the consistency of the application.

This program will be made available in two forms: Standard and Professional. The Standard version will include all generated and run-time source code, but not the source code for the application itself. The Professional version will include all source code. Use of this program is subject to signing a non-disclosure agreement to protect the intellectual property of the code being developed. This allows us to make all the source code of the Professional application available to users, which is not the same as "Open Source" but it effectively opens the source code to developers anyway.

If you want to use either Miami or Oasis, you'll need to sign a Adobe Acrobat Portable Documentnon-disclosure agreement, to protect the intellectual property and copyright of the modules being developed. Contact the author at the address below. The Miami updates/downloads page is here. Note that Open Access (Oasis) used to be called dbMaestro but that name is being used by another product.

USA Flag This product is not available for use in the United States of America or its citizens living in other countries around the world. Open Access requires the purchase of a licensed copy Microsoft Access (preferably XP Developer Edition) if you wish to create Access runtime applications.


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