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Miami is a database development management tool, based on technologies developed for Access 97.

Here is a screen shot of the opening screen of Miami:
Screen image

Application Modules

One of Miami's main points is the concept of modules:
Screen image

A single database or data structure can have several modules. The example shown here is one of 4 modules (or user applications) that edit different parts of a large and complicated data structure. Each module has a deployment number, and this allows for simple management of the modules, and for modules to be deployed and developed in a useful and logical order.

For example, you create the initial data structure, and include in a number of reference or "lookup" tables that make it easy for the user to select things, but which you don't necessarily want the user to be able to change. With Miami you can then create two separate applications: a "maintenance" application which just modifies the reference tables, and the "basic" application which maintains the main data tables but not the reference ones.

If your client needs a third application at a later stage which uses additional tables, you can add in those as a third application. In each case, Miami will generate the SQL scripts to create the new tables for that module, create the Access data structures, and generally make it easier for the developer to get the job done.

There are a whole load of additional improvements that Miami provides for "Mustang in Access 4.23a" developers, but since this product is no longer for sale, they are not elaborated here.

The basic technologies of Miami will be included in Open Access (Oasis), to be released later. This program will be made available in two forms: Standard and Professional. The Standard version will include all generated and run-time source code, but not the source code for the application itself. The Professional version will include all source code.

If you want to use either Miami or Oasis, you'll need to sign a Adobe Acrobat Portable Documentnon-disclosure agreement, to protect the intellectural property and copyright of the modules being developed. Contact the author (see contact details below). The updates/downloads page is here.

You can download the Microsoft Word DocumentMiami User Manual and Microsoft Word DocumentDataMover User Manual from this site, provided you don't break the copyright of these documents. You can also download the Microsoft Word DocumentDatabase Design chapter of Mustang in Access, written by Kassie Kasselman.

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