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Open Access Database Development

Microsoft AccessOpenAccess is a method of using Microsoft Access to develop database applications quickly and effectively, without losing out on flexibility and last-minute changes. The size of the project is not an obstacle if it is properly organised. It can also be broken down into numerous independent or overlapping modules, as determined by the nature of the project. The number of users determines whether to use Access in File Server mode, or as a client to SQL Server.

Why OpenAccess?

For the End-User:

For the Administrator: For the Technical Support person: For the Database Developer:

The combination of all these factors leads to end users who don't hate the application, technical support people who are not overwhelmed by a complex system, administrators who are in control of their own data, and developers who can deliver value, consistency and a rich application without having to reinvent the wheel.

The current usable version is called Miami, and is in use by Black and White Inc and others for database development. You need to sign the Adobe Acrobat Portable DocumentNon-Disclosure Agreement, in order to use it. It only works with Access97, but the next version will support later versions of Access.



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